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Baseline Auto Group
1201 Stonebraker Dr
Kendallville, IN 46755

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Those Salesman Are Superheroes

Lonnie from Chicago, IL

Those Salesman Are Superheroes I Never Seen Salesman That Care More About There Costumer Than The Money. So Thumbs Up To The Superheroes Salesman. Superman, Batman & Robin. Thanks You're The Best.

I had a great experience

Brittany from Albion, IN

I just bought a Ford focus from them and had a great experience. They were both super helpful. They weren't pushy. It was my first time getting financed for a car, and they made the process super easy and were very patient. I would definitely recommend them to others!

Great service, No Pressure Buying...

Aaron from Syracuse, IN

After I bought the used Chrysler from Baseline Outfitters; I took my new car to my mechanics for a lookover and oil change. They said it was a nice car and that I got a good deal. Nothing more meaningful than that!

Honest Dealer!

Very refreshing to buy a car and get what I paid for! They guys were great to work with and felt no pressure to buy. They went out of their way to get the best financing options for me too! Definitely would recommend to a friend.

Very professional! Very Helpful!

Glenn from Three Rivers, MI

I recently purchased a four door Wrangler. I found the salesman to be very down to earth and helpful. I can't say enough positive things about their business. Very professional! Very Helpful! Would recommend this dealership to everyone! Thanks Again Tony and Jarod! You helped make a very satisfied customer!


These are "down home" folks with a customer first attitude! I purchased from them and couldn't be more pleased.         

Good Experience

Jedi94 from Albion, Indiana 

I went to this dealership with a relative because it was local and had some good cars at reasonable prices. After test driving the car I was looking at, we didn't feel pressured at all by the salesman to buy, and they didn't push unnecessary expensive additive services. Paperwork always takes awhile to fill out, but the salesmen inside talked to us about where we were from, what we did, and generally made good conversation to help pass the time. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

Great buying experience

Allan from South Bend, IN 

They had a great deal on vehicle I saw online. The dealership is over a hour away from my home so I called to see if there was anything noticeably wrong with the car. Tony was honest and advised there were a few minor scratches. The car was freshly washed and waiting for my appointment. The vehicle drove great and I bought it. It was a relaxed buying experience, no high pressure sales pitches. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend Baseline to anyone shopping for a vehicle.

Great buying experience from Baseline Auto Group

Troy from Putnam County, OH

I found the Jeep Compass I was looking for at Baseline. Since I live ~100 miles away there were many phone conversations before I made the drive to the dealership. When I made the drive the Jeep was as nice as advertised. Dealing with the guys was a pleasure. Their price was fair and the vehicle has met my expectations. They had the paperwork ready and my trip was worthwhile. 

Baseline Auto Group

1201 Stonebraker Dr
Kendallville, IN 46755

(260) 636-6500